Bali has many tourist attraction points and Umalas is one of them. This is a fascinating region surrounded by dense rice paddies. One can easily reach here as it comes between the popular regions of Seminyak and Canggu. Recently, the region has gained a lot of popularity due to amazing Umala Bali Villas and the astounding treat on its streets. You can explore from various luxury villas to boutique villas in Umalas. This place is in the centre of the most exquisite attractions in Bali and has a lot of shopping locations as well.

Top Things To Do In Umalas

1. The Nook:

On your trip to Bali, have a break in the lovely vegetation of rice fields and explore the yummiest coffee treats.

The Nook has an amazing panoramic view which takes you away from the ongoing activities of your Bali trip. Its 360-degree view gives you a sense of relaxation and showers a refreshing vibe on you. You can enjoy exclusive delicacy over here that comes with world-class service. The gourmet cuisine has a twist with Indonesian, Western and Balinese over here.

2. Kayu Putih Beach:

Kayu Putih Beach is another point of attraction in Umalas. The name of the beach means a beautiful white wood that makes the entire beach serene and calm. It is said that the name has come from its wooden gate which is painted white.

The gate is spectacular and hence, people love to capture pictures with it. This beach has great waves which makes it suitable for surfers. Also, people enjoy doing barbecue over here. You must visit this beach with your friends and enjoy this spectacular getaway.

3. Jungle Pool Club Bali:

In the tropical region of Bali, Umalas is the one area which consists of a rice field pool club. This amazing place is equipped with several pools and hangout zones that makes it appropriate for families as well as friends. This beautiful club has swings placed on the top of the pool. Moreover, to give you a calm feel, this place also plays tempo music. For summers, this place has numerous fans.

A Yum-Yum tip: You must not forget to try their delectable pizzas and exotic paella.

4. Monsieur Spoon:

Monsieur Spoon is a family-owned bakery that makes french eateries. On your trip to Bali, you must take a break and go for exclusive pastries, cakes, and bread. Another interesting part is that you can take your kids over here for a kid’s baking class that is scheduled every month. This place is easily approachable from most of the Umala Bali Villas.

Another tip to treat your taste buds: You must try their famous croissants that are just scrumptious.

3 Best Umala Bali Villas

1. Villa Tabatha:

Among all the Umala Bali Villas, this villa comprises modern style interior along with a twist of forest vibes. It is placed near a riverside along with bamboo that makes it peaceful and charming. Even you get a private garden area along with a large pool. The stone used in the pool is Balinese stone which gives you a cultural feel. The modern amenities and the spectacular visual confirm your delightful stay at Villa Tabatha.

Umala Bali Villas-1

2. Villa Malam:

This is a 4 bedroom villa equipped with all the modern facilities and comfort. Its has amazing proximity to Canggu and Seminyak Beaches. Even the Umalas restaurant, spa, cafes and commodity stores are quite in reach. This beautiful villa has an amazing view from the balcony along with a pool that has a patio along its side. You must plan an affordable stay at Villa Malam in Umala.

Umala Bali Villas-2

3. Villa Songket:

Are you a single traveller? If yes, then Villa Songket is a must-go destination for you. This villa has the latest design with amazing amenities. You can dive into the authentic Balinese culture and make your trip to Bali a memorable experience. This luxurious small villa comes with a suitable pool and a fully decorated garden. Along with a large dining space, you can enjoy the aqua bedroom which is placed on the second level. Enjoy a stunning experience at Villa Songket in Umalas Bali.

Umala Bali Villas-3

Umalas is a relatively lesser-known region in Bali, however its quite impressive. The Umala Bali Villas are stunning as well as astounding. The reason why one should stay at Umala Bali Villas is that it has proximity to many central attraction points of Bali like Seminyak, Canggu and much more. Even the restaurants are worth a visit, so whenever you plan a trip to Bali, don’t forget to visit Umalas.

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