To submerge into the culture, history and lifestyle of Bali, one has to visit the small town of Ubud. This town is located in Giyaner Regency’s central foothills. Ubud is filled with the beauty of nature, cultural art and scrumptious restaurants. Moreover, affordable Ubud Bali villas make it an ideal place for budget tours as you can enjoy a wonderful stay at reasonable tariffs.

The natural beauty comprises the layer of cool mountains and its richness comes from the Balinese Royal family. This family is been preserving as well as promoting art centres to enhance the cultural outlook of Bali. You can visit the best museums and galleries filled with exquisite antiques and artifacts.

4 Must To Do Things In Ubud

1. Ubud Monkey Forest:

If you are interested in enjoying some playful time with monkeys, then you must have a break at Ubud’s Monkey Forest. More than 700 macaques live in the forest in a divine presence of Bali’s ancient temples. It’s also popular as Padangtegal’s Sacred Monkey Forest.

Furthermore, you can reach here in very less time and can enjoy deep dense greenery of this amazing wildlife reserve.

2. Tegallang Rice Terrace:

Want to have a look at some scenic mountain farming? Then come to Tegallang Rice terrace. These exclusive rice terraces are bordered with tropical palm trees and beautiful essence of nature. This charming site is spectacular as well as intelligently organised. It is meant to establish a functional social unit that effectively utilizes water resources.

Hence, this is a perfect representation of Balinese philosophy and values. The surrounding village is a fantastic spot to have a look at local culture, listen to glorious stories and observe the exclusive terrace farming techniques. Furthermore, The central location of the rice terrace makes it easy to approach by any of the Ubud Bali Villas.

3. Tegenungan Waterfall:

Bali is home to amazing landscape and diverse nature. Among amazing beaches in Bali, how about spending some time at a waterfall. The Tegenungan waterfall in Bali is a spectacular illustration of nature’s beauty. You can go on a hiking trip with your family as it is completely safe here. Also, the adequate height allows you to make a 10 feet jump, although do look at the water levels before diving.

4. Ubud Palace:

The Ubud Palace also known as Puri Saren Agung is a central attraction point in Ubud, Bali. Villas, shopping areas and markets are at quite a proximity to it. On your visit to Ubud Palace, you can amaze the historical greatness, cultural influence and the most important and popular Balinese architecture.

Moreover, the grand gates and precisely manicured gardens are perfect to experience royalty and class. Even you must visit the palace in the evening hours so that you can enjoy a feast of cultural performances.

3 Amazing Ubud Bali Villas:

1. Villa Khayangan:

This is an amazing 2/3 luxurious master bedroom villa with a deep insight into nature. You can explore peace and tranquillity with a private pool that connects you with the scenic jungle view. The reason why it’s among the amazing Ubud Bali Villas is its proximity to all the best attraction points. You can reach the monkey forest and the Tugenungan waterfalls within minutes from this Jungle villa. Enjoy your stay at the exotic villa Khayangan with a scenic backdrop of valley.

Ubud Bali Villas

2. Villa TrekVogels:

This is a 2 storey villa with 3 bedrooms and all the luxurious amenities. This is a highly spacious villa with large living room, entrance, garden, pool and bedrooms. You can dwell into nature as this villa is situated on the top of a valley and allows you to have a scenic view of the falling river.

Moreover, the serenity, peace and composure is an additional benefit in Villa Trekvogels stay.

3. Villa Hauma:

If you want to go for a private villa, within the proximity of the attractions, then this one is just for you. Moreover, the villa is also near to nature and peace.

Furthermore, villa Hauma is a 2 bedroom villa with a gigantic garden and all the amenities required to make your experience worthwhile. The beautifully composed pool is set between the adoring view of the jungle. To book your stay in Villa Hauma have a look at Bali Villas Holiday Vacation Rentals.

Also, Ubud being a significant cultural site in Bali gets maximum attention of tourists. Most importantly, your visit over here will take you deep into the Balinese culture and its ideology.

Moreover, you can also get a taste of the typical cuisine and artistry prevailing there from centuries.

Hence, Ubud Bali Villas provides one of the most affordable stays consisting of natural forests and other landscapes. You must experience Ubud’s love for nature and art.

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