Bali is an exotic tourist destination which has multiple scenarios and styles to explore. Presently, the most popular one is Canggu, which is charged with liveliness, surfing, creativity and serenity of yoga. Earlier this village was popular as a fisherman village, however now it’s a bustling tourist spot. Hence, culture of villas have been emerged over the period of time. Canguu, Bali villas are popular due to the proximity to wide range of cafes, yoga studios and of course the amazing beaches. It is also noteworthy that it takes only 10 mins to reach Canggu from Seminyak.

Being a central hub for relaxation, Canggu is an ideal location to hang out in the serene vibes of Bali. Canggu Bali Villas are also quite popular among tourists as they are self-contained.

Things To Do In Canggu

1. Canggu Surfing:

Surfing has played a major role in enhancing the tourism of Canggu. Surfers get amazed by the exclusive punchy waves on Canggu beaches that drive fun and adventure all along. Most of the beaches in Canggu are usually overcrowded. Also, you can find some super fun waves that can surpass your expectations!

Batu Bolong supposedly is the most crowded among all. Mostly it attracts longboarders while short borders can explore during swells. Another popular one is Berawa, although its comparatively less crowded. But it caters to many peaks for surfers. This one is found near the Finns Beach Club.

2. Enjoy an Indonesian massage:

Canggu is known to be the hub of relaxing spas and massages. You can explore from a wide range of spas that truly delivers serenity and composure. An amazing thing about these spas is that you get this delightful session at a very low cost.

You can look for a spa in the Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong area.

3. Join the Sunday Market:

Canggu has some great Sunday markets to be explored. In these central markets you can grab some exclusive Balinese local clothes, food and jewellery.

One of the most popular Sunday markets is Love Anchor Canggu. This market is set in the open air and surprisingly offer live music along with food, drinks, clothes and craft accessories. Another one is Samadi Bali Market which has organic and healthy things on display. Do have a look at the schedule before planning a visit.

4. Visit Tanah Lot Temple:

This is a popular Balinese temple, whose name means Land in the sea. One of the myths prevailed among residents is that the temple is the saviour of the island from the evil spirits of the sea. You can enjoy serene sunsets over here and also the beautiful sunrise.

Top 3 Exotic Canggu Bali Villas

1. Villa Subak:

This is a 3 bedroom rural hideaway villa that is equipped with all modern amenities to provide luxury and comfort. You can have a peaceful stay at this villa along with enjoying the proximity to amazing attraction points. The swimming pool is exotic and a long-running verandah makes it more relaxing. You can reach the amazing Echo beach within 5 mins from this villa which makes it one of the best Canggu Bali villas. A group of 6 people can have a delightful stay at Villa Subak.

canguu bali villas-1

2. Villa Bronte:

When it comes to discovering luxury in modern interiors, Villa Bronte tops the list. This amazing villa has it all starting with a sensational view, the exotic pool, beautiful garden patio and the amazing interiors to make your stay picturesque. Another interesting part is that this holiday villa is quite near to the exotic beaches of Canggu making it among the best Canggu Bali Villas. Book your vacation at Villa Bronte and enjoy some amazing days in Canggu.

canguu bali villas-2

3. Villa Sasando:

This villa is an ideal accommodation for group stays. Surrounded by grassy rice fields, this villa has a huge outdoor space. Thus, you can enjoy a private stay with a serene breezy environment.

This villa is an affordable solution to your budget vacation that comes with all the modern amenities. It also has a private swimming pool that enhances the sunset and sunrise view. Among all the Canggu Bali villas, this one is an exotic plus divine holiday villa. Book Villa Sasando today and enjoy an amazing stay at Canggu.

canguu bali villas-3

So these were some quite interesting and significant things you need to know before planning a visit to Bali. While Canggu is situated in the coastal area of Bali which allows you to explore many water sports activities. Surfing being the most popular one is a must to do.

There is much more to Canggu, which you will get to know once you visit this get to go destination.

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